Therapy Services at Traditions of Hershey

Therapy Services at Traditions of Hershey

Traditions of Hershey's Partnership with Fox Rehabilitation

Traditions of Hershey is committed to the overall quality of life for our residents and has partnered with Fox Rehabilitation to provide on-site physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Seniors at Traditions of Hershey have the opportunity to increase their activity level, and have a better quality of life and level of independence with the addition of Fox Rehab's Strength, Mobility and Balance Program.


This program offers a proactive approach to improving strength, mobility and balance deficits by using evidence-based, objective assessment tools. The progressive and challenging exercise program, proven to increase strength, mobility and balance in order to improve the ability to maintain independence and individual wellness and decrease the risk of falls. The Strength, Mobility and Balance exercise program increases individuals’ functions so they can remain active members within their community. Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and occur two times per week.